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We bring All your Ideas to Life


  • Home Theatre

  • Sound Systems

  • Networking: Wired and Wireless

  • Home Automation

  • Remote Controls

  • Mobile: Tablets/Phone/Car

  • Business Automation

  • Computer Setup - Troubshooting and productivity

  • Office Training, Accounting setup and Implementation

  • Personal and Business App Development and training

  • General Computer and Technology Literacy Training


Lastest Customer Review

Simon Rebbechi, CT

Thanks again for all the help...
I can't recommend Mike highly enough. Mike was able to plan, advise & execute on our home AV & tech instal from installing a full home theater through to wiring for ethernet/wife and every thing in between. He came in both on time & on budget and manages his way through alterations / updates with no loss of momentum. If you're after someone you can trust, Mike Aloi is your man.
We are a Technology, Computer and Audio/Video Consulting, Implementation and Training Company.... with a Personal Touch.

In business for over 25 years we take great provide in integrating technology to handle all of your clients personal and business needs from business and home automation to personal entertainment... If it involves any type of technoloyg we can handle for you... and provide the training to make it all work for you!

Our Goal is to not only give you the highest quality professional work but also to make sure you are trained to get the most out of your investment.....!

We create the systems that allow everything to work for you seamlessly.

"if you don't know how to use the system you will have nothing but a bunch of expensive hardware. After installation our job is just beggining... Teaching you how to use it! to maximize your investment is our most important asset

Call us to review your needs. We would be happy to show you what we can do to give you the confidence in our work.

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