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SOS - One Click or Call Away from a Solution

Remote Help When You Need It

Did you ever have that moment when you were so frustrated that you wanted to give up.... Now you can have the help when you need it... We are your computer therapists.... that are just a click or call away ..... and if need be a same day visit ...* when available or most times within 24 hours
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Click Here to Contact me with your issue

Once you contact me and we arrange a connection time all you need to do next is click the applicable link below which will provide me a special 9 digit code allowing me to remotely access to your device

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We understand the world we all live in has become more dependent on Technology than ever before. We also understand that you need answers now, not tomorrow or next week. We are happy to announce that we can give you that service in just a single click or call.
SOS A service where you can simply click from your device or computer and your problem will be solved and if we can't solve it remotely we can arrange a prompt appointment to help you on site . 

We will bill you only for the time we work with you*
$30 minimum Applies

Click Here to Contact me with your general question or to arrange an Appointment

....and if you have a tech Wish List or want to improve your current technology we are there for that as well with all the answers for your Home or Business tech....

We sell, install, and support the devices you count on!
Get expert installation and support
For Devices you already own or questions on want to buy as soon as today!
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TVs -Purchase, Setup and Installation
Smart Home 
Devices & Apps
Computer Purchase,
Installation Training
Sound Systems
In-wall Wiring and Wireless setup
Home Theatre
complete installation from Projectors to Sound to Seating
Mobile Device Purchase 

& Training
Universal Remote Programming and Training
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